Quick Clean Treatment

PETicures is simplistic, efficient, and most importantly effective.

The Original Clean in 15" treatment consists of the following:

  • 7 Point Wellness Check
  • Sanitary Clip (private area, around feet, and an over eye trim)
  • Atomized cleansing treatment
  • Deep Coat Brushing
  • Haute Fragrance and Bandana cessation


  • Pad Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Grind/ or Trim

NOTE: our quick clean treatment will substantially INCREASE THE TIME REQUIRED between traditional Full grooming treatments

Disclaimer: Condition of Dog’s coat will determine if your pet is eligible for a Clean in 15” treatment

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We appreciate your interest in booking an appointment with us, although we request that all first time clientele call the salon directly and speak with a Grooming Professional who can discuss and better communicate your dogs grooming needs. Please call us at (321)617-5343  


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Available at select “PETicures Complete” locations please check with the location in your area based on your pets needs.

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