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PETicures was started with your dog in mind. We wanted to bring professional grooming services to parents, And help educate them on why grooming It’s not just about appearances, but also about hygiene and function.

Joey Villani

I'm Joey Villani "The Dog Father" and this is Peticures Professional Grooming. Along with my lovely wife Christine, we have over 60 years combined within the pet care industry. I have been part of two Animal Planet television shows (Groomer Has It, and Dogs 101).

I was a host on "Animal Radio", and I've appeared on the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America", some of the awards that I am most proud of receiving are the American Kennel Club- Leadership Award and the highest award in the grooming industry, "Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award." I can tell you this, all the honors and accolades put aside, if pet grooming were not my profession, I would still find the time to make dog grooming a part of my life.

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Christine Villani

Hey gang I’m Christine Villani and I was born and raised in a small town outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. From an early age, my life revolved around animals - wild and domestic - beginning with my  mom’s Golden Retrievers and the wildlife surrounding our home. My intense passion for animals is immeasurable in fact when I  graduated grooming school in 2013 I immediately knew that, “Day 1 of grooming school was the first day of my life!”

I’m committed to providing exceptional pet grooming services and helping to educate our clients through the international training I received by attending pet grooming expos all over North America. I have a varied and diverse experience, expert handling techniques, and easy-going nature have afforded me the ability to build trust and bonds with all types of dogs - Many with special needs, like energetic puppies, rescues, and dogs who suffer from anxiety especially at grooming appointments.

Let’s see how we can help you and your dog build a better bond

So please take some time and check out the many services we offer for your furry family members, and remember at the end of the day PETicures is dedicated to their clients living their best lives with their pets!

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