It was back in 2005 and Joey Villani was hired as a Groomer to do a photo shoot for a pet cosmetic company. At the time the shoot took place at a high end department store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC called “Henri Bendel”.
It was February in New York and if you have ever witnessed the city following a snow fall, you know how black and dirty the fallen snow can become from the cities traffic and streets.

A woman came into the department store that day with her freshly groomed white Bichon Frise who had been subjected to the slush and grime of the past days snow fall.

The woman who was quite upset after having spent over $150 on grooming treatments said to Joey, “Why don’t you groomers come out with something that could help dog owners with a way of stretching out the need for a bath especially in such extreme conditions?”

It did not take Joey long to go back into his lab, apply some research and come up with the solution based on “Old World Grooming”. As far back as the 1800’s pets were being groomed with a combination of powders, saw dust, and various emulsifiers to clean the dog’s coat.

Since that day back in 2005 Joey has refined that process by bringing it full circle for today’s pets needs by applying modern formulations and the aid of improved grooming equipment to what is now known as the “PETicures Quick Clean Waterless System” for pets.

Please stop in to any of our locations and receive ONE complimentary PETicures Quick Clean treatment on Joey, and see the difference in your four legged family member today!

Disclaimer: Complimentary PETicures Quick Clean Treatments are 1 per pet parent.

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